save view for next time?

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    Hi Jozeff,

    saving a view like that is not possible.

    What you can do with the new advanced viewing system is point your mouse cursor at the MCDU and use your scroll wheel to zoom in. Double click to reset back to normal.

    The main benefit is that you can do that with any panel in any aircraft and you don't have to do anything in terms of setup for it to work, no keys that need to be pressed. In that close up view you can still move the view around and go from the MCDU to the ND close up very naturally, then maybe pan across to the ecam or down to the pedestal... It has quite a natural feel to it as if you were scanning the cockpit, I really like it. And when you're done with the close up just double click and you see the outside again.

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    Thanks. I am actually using the rift so that doesn't work I guess.


    I though you were flying 2d... In vr you can just sit back from your desk with your vr hand controllers and reset the view there, then you can just move your head like in real world. Any saved cameras would just teleport you into the panel, I think that would be quite an immersion killer.

  • Sounds nice but as posted before elsewhere the double-click-to-reset option doesn't work with TrackIR... so with TrackIR the scroll wheel only screws up things which then can't be undone anymore.

    And btw in 2D it actually is possible to create user views but you have to do it by editing the tmd: a bit cumbersome but certainly doable.

  • You can still zoom back out with the mouse wheel though. I'll address this issue internally.

    You can indeed but not precisely. Or at least not as precise as I'd like to. ;) Thanks for addressing it internally!