What do you guys do in this sim

  • Hello all,

    I recently built a powerful VR system for use with simulators. Unfortunately even though DCS is fantastic in VR, XPlane runs very poorly. I'm tempted to pick up AeroflyFS 2 but I'm curious about what there is to do in it. From my understanding there is very limited navigation / weather, and you can't connect it to Vatsim or Pilotedge, or FSEconomy?

    Is it pretty much just a scenery simulator? For example, can I program the GPS on the fly, or follow VOR routes? I know the game has a bit of a bad rep amongst XPlane and P3D users but I'm wondering how good it is for VR. I do like to have realism, for example my XPlane setup was Pilotedge, Zibo 737 and ActiveSkyXP.


  • I fly GA in VR and use VOR and ADF mainly for navigation, sometimes dialing in clouds and low vis to challenge myself. You can’t easily see notes (for radials, frequencies, approaches etc) in cockpit in VR but i made a clipmaker app to superimpose notes on the textures of various aircraft.

    Cold and dark is starting to emerge on certain aircraft so you can go through proper startup sequences.

  • Aerobatics. Best sim for aerobatics, especially under VR. Best flight dynamics for aerobatics in town. :)

    Wish for Aerofly FS 2/4:

    - Flightpath recording on hard drive and replay in sim from different view points

    - Smoke for aerobatic planes

    - Multiplayer or at least watching other people flying sitting on ground or inside tower

  • Aerofly runs crazy fast, so VR will be a whole new experience :) Seeing New York in VR at 90FPS is just unbelievable. All of our aircraft are optimized for VR hand usage as well, if you have those controllers. But VR and mouse also works very well.

    You're paying for high quality scenery with aerial images and hand made airports, a long list of high quality aircraft ranging from GA aircraft, fighter, gliders to airliners and helicopters: https://www.aerofly.com/features/aircraft/ with very detailed and realistic 3D models and a pretty good system depth that we keep expanding over time.

    At this time not all aircraft have engines that you can shut down and fuel is unlimited for now, though some of the aircraft already have working fuel systems in them, it intentionally doesn't kill the engine yet when you run dry on our default aircraft. Even more aircraft have fully simulated electrical systems which you can turn off to reach the dark state. A lot of the EFIS functionality is working, there are cautions and warnings popping up when you manually turn things off, you can see checklists on the A320 ECAM and even turn off the flight control computers to fly a barrel roll, the flight management system works quite realistically and the autopilot is also working realistically with all of the modes that you normally see in the real aircraft including fully automatic landings, navigation source selection and some quirky things like the manual altitude arm in the Q400.

    You can practice ILS or FMS approaches or manually tune a VOR or NDB and fly a VOR or NDB approach, etc. The (M)CDUs have also seen some major steps in the last few updates, allowing you to create routes from within the cockpit. Of course you'll always be able to create a flight plan using the graphical flight planner in the main menu too and it's always coupled to your route inside the aircraft. You can also tune any VOR from within the cockpits and set a course and let the autopilot capture the radial for example.

    And Aerofly FS 2 start up time is very short, ideal if you have only five minutes before you have to go to work or before your favorite TV show starts, etc. There are neat functions like the option to set the aircraft into the final approach, fully configured for landing or setting it on the runway ready for takeoff, a real time saver if you're practicing landings or patterns.

    Vatsim, PilotEdge and other networks are not yet connected to Aerofly FS 2 but you can connect other external apps like FSWidgets so there is a network connection to the outside that can send out data like the position and direction of flight, etc. just not for these multiplayer like networks where you want to see other players inside your sim.

    There is no advanced weather engine in Aerofly at this time but you can change the visibility on the fly and also adjust the time of day by just holding down the buttons (v for visibility, t for time). There are options for cumulus clouds and cirrus clouds and wind to simulate challenging approaches with low ceilings for a nice challenge.

    For me Aerofly is the ideal stress free flight simulator where I get the most time in the air flying and not trying to tweek it until it runs ok. Aerofly just runs well out of the box. Even on moderate systems you can put everything to "ultra" quality. Nearly all devices that you plug in are already pre-configured so you usually don't have to mess with the controller settings.