ASG29 Glider Nav or map in VR?

  • gonzo84 September 5, 2019 at 2:23 PM

    Changed the title of the thread from “ASG29 Glider VR map?” to “ASG29 Glider Nav or map in VR?”.
  • I'm just bumping this as its had no response at all? I look forward to getting home and stepping into my glider VR sim and going for a flight. But then every time I remember that once flying I have no map or anything. It makes cross-country flying difficult & unrealistic?

    When ever I read articles / discussions regarding FS2 around the net its always boasting how good its VR is. So clearly a lot of people use it for its VR capabilities so why leave this out. I am sure (as a games software developer myself) it cant be too difficult to add a map either as a cockpit instrument or a popup?


  • The usual response is that the developer is aware of the request and agrees on the need but, it is not being worked on due to other priorities. We are never privy to the other priorities, but when pressed for more information, it is something like, we would have to stop working on something else that has a higher priority.

    A long way of saying no, or not at this time, without an explanation.

  • Is there no roadmap or anything that can be shared? Will we be waiting a few months or a few years?


    No roadmap, no nothing, only empty promises that they are working on things. No one knows what. And no, most of us probably won't be waiting for 'a few years'. Forget about 'a few months' because with IPACS everything takes years. And years. And years. BTW I've been waiting for years already for various things: it's a miracle I am still around here. Although not a day goes by when I'm not thinking about uninstalling AFS2. Whenever Deadstick (or MSFS) will be released AFS2 will probably be removed instantly.

    PS We know about one thing that IPACS is supposed to be working on: ATC. But they've been working on that for years already and we haven't seen a single thing of it yet. Not even a preview. In September 2017 (TWO YEARS AGO!!!) we were promised a preview... and we are still waiting for that preview alone already... Go figure.

  • Sadly the gliders are at the lest flown aircraft from our users and that's why it's not a high priority. Being a glider pilot myself I would love to see people giving gliders more love :)

    I plan to give the ASG29 glider an overhaul for the display, add functions like the map display (though it can't really show much in the real aircraft), still might be better than nothing to have a top down view of the nearby airports. Not sure when I get the time to do so... We are currently working on way bigger things and new features. I'm not giving away what those might be but it will be awesome :)

  • Yea, I guess its not looking good. I have come across this business mindset before of never letting on anything, really don't understand why, all it ever makes anything think is that its because "nothing" is being done?

    Well, anyway, I think my question has clearly been answered.

    Onwards and upwards (without a map).

  • Occasionally we are surprised with a new update, a new aircraft, a GPS unit, or even by a 3rd party add on like fsWidgets GMapHD, or one of the Orbx airport sceneries. Ones that I use almost every day are the freeware fsCloudPort airport builder and the most useful AeroScenery.

    The most recent pay ware, Lukla airport scenery is one of the best yet. The Just Flight general aviation add ons were also a big boost.

    Try the user built add ons in my signature to see what can be accomplished while we wait for “the next big surprise”.

  • Correct me if i am wrong but aren't nearly all those "surprises" you just mentioned third party and not developed by IPACS?

    Also does fsWidgets and GMapHD work in VR?


    No, but Spit40 has developed some neat tricks for small notes in VR.

  • Hi Andy,

    The GPS devices were created in-house, I worked almost two months on those exclusively.

    Telling a machine to display something that can be said in a few words takes quite some time. You probably know the saying "a picture can say more than a thousand words" well in this case I am writing these words and the image is the result and there is not just one "image" there are loads and loads of pages on that GPS unit alone.

    So it's not that nothing is being worked on, we just don't share much of the process publicly. But as I said there are great new things on the way.