Support issue - Visual C++ Runtime Error - RESOLVED

  • Hi all.

    Can anyone help with this issue. Error message comes up at launch. Both in flat screen and SteamVR mode.

    I have reinstalled runtime libraries and restarted the PC but no joy.

    Thank you in advance,


  • This is definitely something specifically with your computer and not Aerofly. First steps would to do a file integrity check on Aerofly just to rule it out. make sure your video card drivers are at the latest version, delete your main.mcf file located on your documents\Aerofly root folder.

    Once this has been done, check once again your runtime install.

    On a Aerofly front, this is all that can be done. But like I said, this has something to do with your computer.

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  • Thank you for the prompt reply.

    I'll investigate further.


    Would you believe that it was my onboard vid card being disabled that caused this?

    I use a GTX 1070ti and the Intel onboard (not even connected to anything) caused the problem.

    Re-enabling the card in device manager eliminated the error.

    Hoping this helps someone else that may have the same issue.


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