Problems with V/S and A/THR in Airbus A320 | Probleme mit V/S und A/THR im Airbus A320

  • So, when i Take off with the Airbus A320 and Press the V/S Button, the Number and the V/S Sign are Marked by a Yellow Square. Im not flying to Slow (260 Knots) and after i reset the Plane somewhere and do it again, it works perfectly fine. Autothrottle isnt working as well, it Overspeeds the Airplane over 350 KTS wich causes the AP to disengage. Any Help? Tried so much here...

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    The autothrottle is not active in the screenshot, you are flying with manual thrust so it is up to you not to overspeed. You need to push the A/THR button and then set the levers to CLB in order to activate the autothrust.

    It's weird to see the yellow stall speed tape that high, are you using the normal Steam version or did you opt into any of the steam beta programs?

    I've never seen this issue before.

  • MAYBE... Someone can Identify an Error when i post my Takeoff Routine here...

    -Opening Front Left Passenger Door

    -Turning off all Ext Lights

    -Turning on APU

    -Setting Different V-Speeds (Most of the Time 150 V1, 160 VR, 170 V2)

    -Typing in Flight Number

    -Closing Doors

    -Turning Off APU

    -Flaps 2

    -Ground Spoilers Armed

    -Pitch Trim Elevator -1 DN

    -Beacon, Wing, Strobe, Logo and Taxi Lights on

    -Testing Flight Controls

    -Taxi to Runway


    I recorded a Takeoff with my Routine and (IF POSSIBLE) im attaching an Videolink here, so you can Analyze it for yourself...…j/TakeoffRoutine.mp4/file

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    Thanks for the video, that shows very the issue originates from...

    Your gross weight on the lower ecam seems awfully high with 907.6 tonnes, based on that the VLS is calculated to be very high and when you fly slower than VLS (amber line on the airspeed tape) the vertical speed starts flashing and the autopilot will protect you from climbing at excessive vertical speeds. In this case any positive climb rate is excessive because the autopilot sees a super high velocity low speed (VLS) and thinks you're close to stalling.

    The question is how did you get that high gross weight to come up? When I load the airplane in our current default Steam version the GW on the ecam is 56t, not 907.

    Can you please show me a screenshot of the the fuel page right after the aircraft is loaded?

    Mine looks like this:

  • Ohhhh, now i get it... I mentioned a Fuel Alert on Steam Discussions a few days earlier...You said its not an Issue yet. Before That i moved to the A320 TMD File and Changed some Numbers related to the Fuel...Thats probably whats Happening here...Thank you soo much man, i didnt thought about those Numbers anymore...I changed a few Numbers so i cant remember the old ones...Do you know them by yourself or could you send me a Link to an Original A320 TMD file?

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    Ok, glad we got that sorted out.

    ... that's why you should always backup files first.. :)

    You can move your a320.tmd to a different folder outside of the Aerofly FS 2 and then do a "verify integrity of game files" in steam

    That should find the "missing" tmd file and restore it. Might take a bit.

    If you have made other modifications to other files this might undo them too. So better save everything you changed and want to keep.