Thanks and animation request

  • Hi Aerosoft,

    First, thank you for creating such a really nice flightsim app for IOS (and Android, I understand, but I don't have that one)
    Of all the flightsim apps for IOS, yours is really the best I have found.

    My request is absolutely not important, but would just be fun to see.
    Could you make the pilot move it's head a bit to the side he/I steer the plane ?
    Thanks for considering.

    Kind regards
    Bram Stikkel

  • That's not what I said... It would not make the code unstable just like that but it would mean quite a bit of changes need to happen because it is not a simple thing and naturally due to all the changes it would put the executable into an untested state that would need quite a bit of testing again. I said this is certainly manageable at some point in the future but at the moment we are trying to bring everyone back on the same page. That means now the Windows DVD version, Windows Steam version, Mac version and iOS version are now on an equal level and it is much easier to keep everyone up to date.