Scenery addon confusion

  • My document folder has a folder called Aerofly FS2 and it there is a folder called 'scenery'. However, there also is a folder called 'scenery' within the folder called 'addons'.

    I just tried to install mesh and it didn't work when I placed it in 'scenery'. I had to place it in 'addons/scenery'.

    However, I also installed textures and places and those did work when I placed them in 'scenery'...

    So... when am I supposed to put things in 'scenery' and when in 'addons/scenery'...? It's a bit confusing.

  • I always use the "elevation" folder to place everything related to mesh.

    Cheers, ED

  • Examples can be found in this article, for example:

    User_defined external scenery structure

    Thanks! I will give that addon structure example a try this evening. Already tried it but apparently not with the correct folder names. Would be nice if I could manage to put everything Norway related in one single folder instead of all over the place. ;) Let me quote Tresspassers here:

    The addon structure is far superior for scenery management as illustrated below : all elements are gathered in a specific folder with the substructure below:


    Tested the above methof: works like a charm! I have Norway in one easy to manage folder now! :)