Paris - Megacity Cultivation is online

  • Perfection is probably not practical nor expected, but, it sure is nice to have all these talented folks together on a user generated project. Thanks to all involved for this tremendous contribution to the community. 8o

  • Un séjour sans faille

    For all those who already know Paris, and without being critical, I think it will be difficult to contemplate everyone, because there are no less than 2,185 monuments in Paris, so take advantage of what has already been done! :);)

    Yes, but there are some landmarks that are quite prominent. And I think the spirit here is not to "demand" but rather to suggest ideas. It doesn't mean we don't enjoy what's already there and what is to come if there is, it's just a list.

    Furthermore, but speaking for myself, I don't mind asking because I know I can contribute to creating the buildings I'm asking about.

    So with Tom at the helm and his decision on what should make the list and what should not, we can create a list of potential objectives, and then go down and see what we can create out of it. If nothing is created or added, it is fine, anything created is great.

    Maybe quite a few buildings already exist in the 3D warehouse and thus it's not too difficult to do. But the starting point is to have a list.

  • Gasy we do have a model for Chaillot which should be good enough:…ais-de-Chaillot

    We also have Beaubourg, although maybe a bit simplistic, but still better than nothing, and I think good enough:…Centre-Pompidou

    There are also models for forum des halles and Versailles. None of the Versailles models were complete or satisfactory, they all needed work for sure.

    As for les halles, there are two models (part 1 and 2) and I'm not sure if they make the whole thing, or the latest version or what, you may want to look. For the forum des halles, Tom will have to dig a hole in the ground, but he knows how to do that ;)

    I am compiling a list of models, that I will send to Tom to see which one he can use. Tom, I will add a location map, or maybe a KML if I can figure that one out.

  • Challiot by Gasy24

    Now, with the Palais de Chaillot placed I must admit: this is really a must have !!! Some say from there you get the most famous view towards the Eifel tower - as you can clearly see in the picture below:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Ah! And the park below from "La Defens" needs some trees-cultivation urgently as shown up in your picture above and as I've noticed during my first flights through this wonderful scenery.

    And here you can see almost the same perspective of yours, just depicted broader from another angle.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Thank you !

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  • OK, planted trees for the update.

    However I deliberately kept the number of trees in the city low, to not leverage the fps too strong.

    Sehr herzlichen Dank für die Annahme meines Vorschlages :) !

    According to my own experience tree-rendering load can be handled pretty easily : probably many users set trees high, but even on medium it still looks fantastic and very dense, but performance can increase significantly over dense areas.

    By the way, IPACS have done really an amazing job with their "new" tree-set in version 2, which is a huge improvement vs aerofly FS (version 1).

    Compared to my other sims I can say honestly : the best default trees of a flightsim !


  • Hi all:

    For information, there's a wonderful scenery of the city of Paris, originally created for FSX that also works in P3D, with lots of buildings (typical of the city) and landmarks. I don't really know to what extent it can be useful for this project.

    It's at AVSIM. Look for, by Marc-Henri Guitteny.

    I'm away from home now, and from my P3D sim PC, regretfully cannot help more.

    Cheers, Ed

  • TomSimMuc du bist ein Gott. Andere Cultivationen benutze ich nicht da es nicht real ausschaut, schauen aus als gäbe es nur 3 verschiedene Häuser. Deine Cultivation ist phantastisch, schaut real aus, da sieht man das du viel viel Arbeit rein gesteckt hast. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::love:

    TomSimMuc you're a hero, I do not use other cultivations because it does not look real, looks like there are only 3 different houses. Your cultivation is fantastic, looks real, then you see that you put a lot of work into it.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::love:

  • Thank you Ed for this wonderful tip. I will try it!

    Hi Tom:

    As I remember (I'm not with my P3D desktop PC now), this scenery has a lot of landmarks of the city (most emblematic buildings, monuments, famous columns/towers, probably the bridges, etc.). I don't remember if they were included as separate objects within the BGL's, but it's worth downloading and trying to see what exactly could be used to complement your project.

    Cheers, Ed

  • Not sure this one has been added to the list. The dome in Les Invalides is slightly misplaced, you can see the actual dome on the photo next to it.

    Nice job guys, it's looking really good!

  • I have the scenery 'Paris-Intra Muros' for FSX once installed and used and found back on a drive. Looking into the texture folder it contains a lot of *.dds files named after well and lesser known monuments&buildings&bridges from the city. Are these dds-files a help for building AFS2-compatible models?

    If so, I can deliver(mail?) the content to the interessées.

    Real name: Johnny

    PC-Specs: i7-3930K - 32GB RAM - GTX1070ti 8GB - 2TB SSD + 1TB SSD + 2x3TB HDD

    Laptop Specs: i7-9750H - 32GB RAM - RTX2070 max-Q 8GB - 2x 1TB NVMe SSD + 2TB SSD

  • Thank you for your offer. I found, that

    'Paris-Intra Muros' is great and could easily be converted from the BGLs with MCX.

    I am waiting for the agreement of the author to convert/publish them.

    Thomas, next to MCX, with bgl2xml you can also extract the placement xml from the scenrey bgl.

    The point is, objects are only referenced by their GUID in xml files, not their name.

    In MCX, click on the report icon, it generates a complete html report of you library of objects, with pictures, used textures and GUID.

    You can then easily get the placement coordinates from the xml (caution : add a - sign to the rotation value, FS rotates clockwise, AFS2 follows trigo), as well as used scale factor.

    In many cases, people modelled objects to some approximate scale and then adjusted to their scenery with a scale factor (sometimes up to 0.5 factor).

    AFS2 doesn’t support scale factor, meaning you may have to rescale the object in MCX during conversion process. MCX has a tool for that.

    Note regarding GUIDs: FSX introduced a new GUID format compared to FS9. MCX has a feature to translate GUIDs from a format to the other, but after extracting the xml placement files you can check whether it was written for FSX and later or FS9 and earlier. FSX GUIDs have - separations.

    Before creating the report un MCX, just make sure the corresponding favorite FS version is chosen in the MCX settings, so the report will mention the right GUIDs...

    I may read tough, but it saves a lot of time and energy, I even scripted it to automatically place all objects of a library...



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