GNS FLP page erratic behaviour

  • There is a problem with the FLP page of the GNS. I posted about this before on July the 22nd to which Jet-Pack replied "Both of these things are probably mistakes on our side (IPACS)" and "The GPS is also created by IPACS, I'll write it down and will check once I have time to do that" but apparently something went wrong because today Jan posted "I'm not aware of any issues with the flight plan page... please open a separate thread". That can happen. ;) So here's the separate thread! Let me simply repost what I said on July the 22nd:

    "What I wanted to say is that the FPL page on the GNS is erratic. Afaik. From what I remember the DTK should show the DTK from one waypoint to the next. However, the DTK is constanly being updated and always shows the track to any waypoint from your current position. I think that's totally wrong. It should show the same tracks as the Navigation page of AFS2 shows and the DTK shouldn't be changing all the time. I can't for instance set the next course already when I am closing in on a waypoint because you don't see the DTK but the current track. In short: the FPL DTK column is useless as it is now. I have to go to the Navigation page to see what the DTK for the desired waypoint should be. That's odd."

    In short: the FLP page should show the 'static' flightplan as you can see it on the Navigation page with the planned directions. Instead it shows directions depending on your current location: it changes all the time. It shouldn't.

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    I usually forget stuff when I close the browser window, sorry :)

    I think I now understand what you mean. I can try to fix the desired track value (DTK) to the leg direction, yes.

    If you fly to the next waypoint the GPS device will have a flashing message in the lower left telling you what the next track should be. If you set the track incorrectly on the HSI it also starts showing a yellow blinking MSG, that, when you click on it, shows you the track you should fly.