• Hey there!

    Recently downloaded the Ipad version of aerofly 2019 (eagerly awaiting the Android version!) and was overwhelmed with how amazing this sim is, live cockpits, detailed terrain, 3d clouds...

    I was wondering...(and apologies if this has been asked before) are there any plans to add more regions in the near future?

    I usually fly within Europe, and already know Switzerland airports by hard...maybe adding, somehow, the user created sceneries?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Boy, they have the same problems with engines start, operable landing lights etc. That simulator needs many storage and optimized highly bad. If they add global your device will explode. The app needs 1GB of storage only for Switzerland. And if they add global, (A lot of other cities and countries ) Do you have to lose 500 GB of storage only for global and only for this simulator??

  • i just think its a shame that a flight sim that is so beautifully developed regarding planes (graphics, aircraft systems, navigation, etc), environment (Clouds, etc...) is only limited to 2 regions in the world.

    Being european myself, I want to be able to fly on european locations (Switzerland is beautiful but small).

    I can also see a business potential on selling those regions independently as it is now with Switzerland. Maybe other companies that have other regions developed for other sims are interested in adapting theirs for Aerofly. Just ideas to improve the user experience...

  • Japan, Hawaii, Vancouver, Paris, New-York, Chicago would make my day.

    Japan especially for its seas, mountains, volcanoes, islands...

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