Anyone need an eCalendar for your desktop?

  • A bit of clone tool in a photo editor would fix that😎.

    How do you find a wide monitor? I got a 16:9 because I was too impatient to order a 16:10 online. I’m toying with a new monitor after colour/color calibrating a tn monitor and realising how viewing angle shifts the colour significantly. I had thought that a deep monitor would make the Aerofly cockpit view more compatible with simulated scanning. Do you notice stretching of the edges of the view for instance with the Cessnas?

  • I have an Alienware 34 IN Curved monitor with 3440 x 1440 resolution. It came matched with an Alienware Aurora R7 with a 1080 ti card. Seems a good match for AFS2. No distortion noticed. Crystal clear as they say. Check it out. There are some special links between the graphics card and monitor for gaming to enhance clarity.

    When Pigs Fly. A steely-eyed Sierra Hotel record setting F-15E Strike Eagle simulator pilot. 8o

    ready for some voices in the sky? now available . . . Aerofly FS2 RC ATC