VR Flight Sim cockpit review of the HP Reverb

  • Holy guacamole batman! Here is a great video comparison of the Pimax 8K X vs HP Reverb

    I agree with comments that the camera is probably in the wrong place for the Reverb, but that does mirror pretty much exactly what I see; blurry edges and bad chromatic aberration, so I guess my eyes are in about the same place. As far as performance is concerned, I use the Reverb at work (not for AFS2) with an I9 9900K and Titan RTX (oh to have that system at home), but the clarity issues are the same. But I'm obviously in the minority, so don't let my experience put anyone off the Reverb; I just wish it had moveable lenses.

  • Mine has arrived. First impression compared to my Samsung Odyssey is that I really like the design. It is more like the Rift as we all know and the build quality feels great. I like the leather padding faceplate. And the ring at the back should hold it on my head more snuggly than the Rift. Purchased direct from HP at just over £500. Unfortunately I cannot use it yet until I sort out the lens inserts. To save wasting the Odyssey ones and spending another £60 I’m using my Odyssey lenses and 3-D printing new mounts that fit the Reverb. Nearly there. On the left is the Odyssey fitting and the reverb on the right. If you don’t have a 3-D printer there is a Reddit group of people who will print stuff for others at just above cost.

  • Yep, I'm happy

    Finally I can see everything. My 3d printed lens fitting worked better than I thought it would, but I may buy the real thing anyway as I think the fittings are touching my forehead a bit. What a joy though to be able to read everything. Aircraft I previously had no interest in, like the King Air, are now of interest because I can see all the digits and small text. The LCD v OLED thing is fine in my opinion. A bit less contrast but it doesn't detract. The pale blue upholstery in the Turbo Arrow is a bit bleached but darker materials are fine. The resolution is so good I'm now at the limit of the texture and the model and can see the faceted sides of round objects that were previously fuzzy. I feel like any more improvement to resolution would be diminishing returns and I'd absolutely choose FOV and lens improvements to a resolution increase over what I now have.

    I do prefer the form to the Odyssey halo thing too and I don't find the sweet spot any worse, in fact I find there is less fiddling needed to position the Reverb just right when putting it on.

    HP Reverb is currently the best choice for simming IMHO. treat yourself for Christmas !

  • Thanks Phil, much acknowledged, one more positive report for the Reverb in Flightsim. I already settled for one for Christmas.

    In my present headset, I prefer to resign from my glasses. I am long-sighted, and not too much, and I can't actually tell the difference with and without the glasses (while I need them on the PC or for reading from paper).

    Kind regards, Michael

    Intel i7-6700K 4.0 GHz / Asus Z170 / Kingston 32 GB DDR4 / Samsung SSD M.2 500 GB + Samsung SSD 1 TB + Intel SSD 500 GB (AeroflyFS2) + WD HD 6 TB / EVGA GTX 1080Ti 11 GB / LG 34UM95 3440 x 1440 / HP Reverb / Win 10/64

  • Great to hear your positive report Phil. I assume frame rate is holding up on your 1080ti?

    I’m actually surprised how well it is running on my 1080ti. I even did a test and pushed the supersample to 2.0 and it coped well - in a sparsely cultivated Scotland admittedly. At 1.4 supersample (which looks fine too) it even handled a heavily cultivated city.