FPS value remain the same

  • Hello,

    Since the last Mac version installation, 8.0.35, the value of the FPS is always the same (60) regardless of the graphics settings

    Ultra or low settings do not change anything at the FPS value displayed at low right position of the screen.

    Moreover the FPS value do not increase or decrease related to the scene complexity, it seems to be blocked to 60 forever.

    The graphics settings seems not change the simulation quality, I dont see real difference between ULTRA and LOW...

    Of course I exit and reload again between the graphics settings change.

    I work on full screen, not windowing.

    Thank you for your help.


  • I have also the RC7 installed on the same Imac.

    The FPS value is continuously changed, depend on what is displayed ( only plane and sky or very loaded scenery )

    on RC8, iIf I understand well, the graphics settings have absolutely no effect on the display quality ?

    I have tested the same scenry ( Bendern ) with the same plane Tiger Moth :

    RC8 The display is very jerky and not pleasant to play.

    RC7 :The display is very smoth and FPS displayed 90/100

    Thank you for your help


  • You should be happy that it's like that, all is fine. The latest update did add some performance improvements.

    I try to find the improvements that you mention, and I'm not very happy.

    Today, this version 8.0.35 work less good that the previous one.

    For me RC7 work better than RC8, the display is more smooth and we avoid the huge menus at start.

    Sorry about this finding.


  • Good morning,

    I say :

    On the same scenery and plane, the display is more smooth on RC7 than RC8.

    Some times, the scenery is jerky on RC8. ( forest, trees )

    This never happen on RC7.

    But I heard that you have changed the graphic engine, and my feeling is the new one work less good than the old one.

    Of course it's not scientific results only my feeling. :)

    Thank for your help