Mass vs QMass

  • Jan,

    I'm sure you have answered this previously, but, can you tell me the difference (definition) between Mass and QMass? I see the Lear45 has a mass of 19,973 lbs and a Qmass of 20,158. That little difference makes me think it is something like Max Taxi vs Max T/O. :/

  • Since these values don't have any connections with the physics it doesn't really matter...

    He Q... values are the things you would see on a Quartett card game where each player tries to win all cards by naming the thing they think is best on his/her airplane. This would be the highest mass of the airplane.

    The Mass property itself can be thought of as the actual mass we currently have set up but again, since it is not really used anywhere these figures sometimes are not even close to what the physics simulate.

  • OK, other than the BS. Can you tell me what are these two weights in the tmc file for the LJ45? Mass 9079.0 and QMass 9163.0 I/m guessing these are in KG. 19,973 lbs and 20,158 lbs. which is very close to the Max Takeoff Weight and Max Taxi Weight for the early model of the Learjet 45 (prior to the engine upgrade)

    Also, what is the QVirgin 1995?

    Question: What needs to be fixed in the Aerofly Code for the LJ45 to be able to properly fly in FL390 - FL510? :/?(8|