Two seat VR cockpit

  • In the future we would like to have a two seat (tandem) VR cockpit with dual controls for training. This would need two VR headsets for two pilots in the same aircraft.

    With X-Plane this is possible by linking two computers: one master computer for the flight model and first VR headset, the second computer acting as image generator for the second VR headset.

    Is it possible to have two VR headsets with Aerofly FS2?

  • We could look into this but in theory it's not possible due to the limitations of the VR software SDK's not to mention that if it was even possible from a SDK front it would be a complete performance killer as the devices would have to render 4 screens at once off of one computer.

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  • Yes, yes, yes, that would be a BIG ticket item for some of us, waiting for this for a long time.

    From my little brain:

    1- There is a replay feature, so obviously data can be recorded and stored, so the data format exists. And FS2 is somewhat capable to read that format and reproduce a flight.

    2- Furthermore it seems it can be exported outside FS2 through the port and IP address feature (I haven't tried) available in settings menu.

    So I don't quite understand what would be complicated with having an input channel just like the output one. If I have a second computer, FS2 on both, the first one should be able to pass data to second one and both fly the same path/plane. I understand you'd have to cancel command input on second one other than view/display, also there is an issue of lag to be taken care of (what happens in lag and how (interpolation, delay, jump, etc..) but that seems very feasible.

    I want to take people on a tour, I fly the plane, the second one is passenger.

    And maybe later the comm can be both ways and the second person can become a real copilot with option to have flight commands or not (maybe just systems at first, like radio, radar, etc.. and optional flight control).

    Then two planes flying in the same airspace.

    Obviously this is over simplification, but still I see it there.

    Anyway just hoping.

  • I have hoped for this for a long time. I've always thought this could be a great help/ministry for senior centers and nursing homes. Allowing people to fly as a passenger over their "old home place", not to mention the thrill of flying in general. I'd be willing to purchase two complete systems to share in this way. Hope this comes to fruition.

  • Multiplayer and/or social features could really make things interesting.

    VR sim flying is spectacular, but a pretty lonely thing. If people could enjoy some nice views together and even cooperate in the same cockpit that would be a completely unique experience.

    I think for something like this to really be comfortable online/network multiplayer would be by far the most practical thing. AFS2 certainly seems to be better fit than most other sims for something like that, it has the best performance and VR controls and it doesn't need endless loading times and tweaking to start a flight. Of course it could well be that this is all not really feasible with the current code or way too far down on the priority list considering the effort that would be needed.

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