HP Reverb comfort mod

  • Hi folks,

    since a few people from the forum now also own the HP Reverb and may have a similar problem, I thought I'd post my solution here.

    The HP Reverb doesn't fit perfectly for me. That's why I thought about the last days how I can increase the wearing comfort. My problem is that the headset presses on the bridge of my nose and so longer sessions are very uncomfortable. A few days ago I had the idea to try an old VR cover cushion (for the Rift CV1) in combination with the Rerverb. For the mod I simply used self-adhesive Velcro strips and attached the VR cover cushion to the faceplate of the HP Reverb. Due to the additional padding the headset sits a little bit further away from my face and there is no pressing spot anymore. In addition, the headset feels more comfortable for me without any changes to my FOV.

    For me this is a good temporary solution until VR-Cover possibly offers an alternative faceplate. Now I can really enjoy the Reverb!





  • I am very pleased with the reverb in combination with Aerofly.

    With the settings, which are desribed in this thread:

    Questions on SteamVR/WMR-APP settings for the HP Reverb

    I get a solid performance (@90 Hz) with my RTX2070 in combination with I7 4970K and 16GB memory (in most conditions). I operate the headset with the native resolution of 2160 x 2160 pixel per eye (100% in SteamVR). I compared the reverb with the rift s (with SS on 1.7) and the image qualtiy (clarity) is so much better for me.

    In high demanding sceneries like New York or Amsterdam the perfomance is breaking in, but with the reprojection I will get 45 Hz.

    My settings in Aerofly are all on high just the shadows and trees are on medium. Supersampling is on 1.0.

    What I noticed with the reverb you have to put this headset very carefully on your head to get a sharp picture. With a slightly misplaced headset the clarity is gone and sometimes you can see a blue bar in the lower image area (in Reddit it was already reported about this). I suspect this is due to the lenses that cause some chromatic aberration effect. But I see this behaviour only in the Cliffhouse but not while flying in Aerofly. It is a little bit strange.

    In sum I'm very happy with this headset and with my decision for the reverb and against the rift s .



  • Maybe re-check your SteamVR SS settings. I believe that you need to crank SS down to 79% for native res/eye with a Reverb. With my Cosmos I need to crank it down to ~50% for native. Cranking down SS certainly improves performance but makes it too blurry for me.

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