PA-38 TOMAHAWK FOR AEROFLY FS 2 On sale now at JustFlight!!!

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    Changed the title of the thread from “PA-38 TOMAHAWK FOR AEROFLY FS 2 On sale now at JustFlight” to “PA-38 TOMAHAWK FOR AEROFLY FS 2 On sale now at JustFlight!!!”.
  • It is a fun type airplane. Slow flying, but, great visibility with good manners. Outstanding engine and environmental sounds. I think it has the best sounds of any of the small trainers. Slow flight and stall recoveries are the best yet. Not an attractive airplane by any stretch and may even be somewhat underpowered - slow to climb. Panel layout is obviously for training - who else would make such a layout. The animated checklist cutting a flip from the console to the pilot's yoke and return is nifty. You are forced to perform an abbreviated checklist to get it started.

    This is the only plane in the bunch that you can use the Saitek Switch Panel to start the engine. None of the 10 liveries are attractive so maybe someone will take an interest and paint us some nice, clean ones.

    After all that, I have been flying the Tomahawk most of the day today. I have zero time in the real one and I think of myself as a high wing trainer type instructor, even in twins, but, I do like the openness of the cockpit and the great views from the pilot's seat. I also like the sounds.

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