Thermal VORTAC near Palm Springs has a DME broadcasting as if 4.9 miles underground.

  • TRM VORTAC near Palm Springs gives a minimum DME of 4.9 taxying past it. Flying overhead at 30,300 feet is exactly 5 nm up and it gives a DME of about 9.8 miles.

    The TEVUK waypoint on the Palm Springs approach gives 12.2 DME instead of the published TRM distance of 10.9 miles. Taking a right angle triangle of long sides 12.2 and 10.9 gives a calculated short side of 5.5. The cockpit displays give rounded distances and the sim might not have been exactly overhead TEVUK.

    The Cochran regional airport where it is located is about 115 feet below sea level.

    It is the same in mobile.

  • Ha ha, the never counting down DME would keep you up all day!!

    I wonder where Hans Gruber was from? Perhaps he thought of putting a glide slope antena in a very deep trench after he let go of Bruce's hand? He had time for a very short text :-)

    (My 5.5 (X 4.9) miles would take into count the sim plane's altitude).

    Surely some mistake? Same airport, Cochran regional.