New aerofly FS2020 question

  • Sounds fair, wish this FS2020 good luck:thumbup:. After all, PC simmers like me expect your mobile version to sell well so that the PC version can keep going.;)

    bigger than the default PC version but not quite as big as the PC version with all free DLCs installed. I'm estimating that the flying region is at least 5 times larger than the current Aerofly FS 2019 region with beautiful new landscapes.

    Default PC area plus Utah but without Colorado I guess? Then what will be the size and image resolution? AF2019 has already trade-off between the app size and the image quality. This one can be even tougher.

  • Knowing the scenery add on problems with Android and the requirement to exclude basket case cheapo phones from 2019 standard Aero, it makes perfect sense to have an aggressive exclusion standard for a new universal mobile Aero (? No Vulkan), remember that some iPads that qualified for 2019 were quite marginal.

  • did not mention the A380

    I use both the MAC and the IOS mobile version. The MAC version does not have the A380, but the FS2019 on IOS does.

    Do you really take the A380 out of the mobile?,....and if yes, why?

  • 是否af2020支撑A10处理器和IOS 12.4及以上系统包括12.4