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  • If a a10 fusion chip can run Aero fly flawlessly then why can't us snapdragon 855 users be let in on the fun for Aerofly 2020? The benchmarks are better on the android 855 chipset, the budget snapdragon phone could run aero fly flawlessly. Any mid range android device could run this. what is the hold up guy? Ridiculous. Imagine how much more revenue and fans you could pull if you released it on the play store. I imagine you guys have tested some sort of android device on this game. If not, then you guys really don't give 2 craps about android users.

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    We have stated that we will make every effort to bring Aerofly FS 2020 to Android devices. However, this may be limited due to the many different Android devices out there. So we don't know at this time which devices will or won't work.

    Please also understand that this is no guarantee for Android users.

    We will look into this further once we release Aerofly FS 2020 in the iOS Store

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