B777-300ER now released! New Update waiting for you :)

  • Updated to beta channel to try the new 777 and I love it.

    I did run into a problem where "AFS2 RC ATC" no longer works.

    I left beta channel and reinstalled release version and RC ATC works again. I re-joined beta channel same problem. I looked in "tm.log" and saw the entry:

    1.60-tm_ext_dll: initializing dll 'afs2_rc_atc.dll' in folder 'D:/(my documents folder)/Aerofly FS 2/external_dll/'...
    1.69-tm_ext_dll: ERROR: (error dll is using interface version 1. please obtain an updated dll)

    I guess until a new dll is released by developers for RC ATC this add on won't work. Have they been notified?

  • IPACS has to release their modifications to the SDK before the AFS2 RC ATC can be fixed. These changes without any notification or documentation for 3rd parties was a total surprise with no communication.

    We have to wait for the new SDK.

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    A beta channel is just that, it's beta, so you have to expect things might be broken. If you do not want this, please stay in the release channel. We will send out a new DLL SDK to the developers soon, but it's probably unavoidable that some external DLLs will be broken for a short period of time.

    We just updated the beta version, Aerofly FS will now load older repaint kits again, we would appreciate if somebody could confirm this.

  • Good... I had been in the process of reviewing the JF fleet, and was also in contact with JF yesterday. I will gladly leave it in your hands as designer to keep that communication going to update JF on compatibility issues if they still might be a problem in the future.

  • Thanks for fix for the repaints.

    Should the F-18 air brake work on a single key/ joystick press as it used to? I can only get it to deploy by holding the key down... and then it flips back to closed upon release.


  • I did run into a problem where "AFS2 RC ATC" no longer works.

    I left beta channel and reinstalled release version and RC ATC works again. I re-joined beta channel same problem. I looked in "tm.log" and saw the entry:

    Hi astute,

    The folks at IPACS were kind enough to get my team a rush copy of the new SDK. AFS2 RC ATC has been updated and is available for download at the Aerofly FS2 RC ATC website. If you need further assistance, just shoot an email to Aerofly FS2 RC ATC Support.



  • Eine Frage,seit der Installation von der 777-300ER stürzt Aerofly FS 2 ab.

    Bin in der Beta Steam Version.

    GTX 1080ti 11 GB ,24 GB Ram Speicher,alles auf Ultra ,Vulkan und 4k.

    Driver Vesion 441.66

    Flug Genf nach Innsbruck, 2 mal Abturz von Aerofly FS2.

    Das Problem hatte ich erst nicht!

    Bin kein Profi,weiß nicht wie und wo man den Fehlercode findet??:/

    MFG und Danke Enrico:)

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  • forced to update without beta option in steam ?, is it possible to start without the update ? , i tried yesterday the update with beta option in steam but the new sdk kills my simtools plugin and my jetseat simshaker wings plugin so i roll back yesterday from beta and the plugins works fine again, i want to start fs2 today without beta option but steam want to update ?, is it possible to start without updating ???

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    The air brakes are retracting the moment you let go of the button. I have to hold the button down to keep them up. It should be a toggle function on the fighters like before the update.

    Yes that is intended behavior. If you set flaps to up it should behave like a normal airbrake and stay extended if you let go.

    It's a new feature not a bug...

  • Is the beta channel only available if you have purchased the game on Steam? I ask because I only have Aerofly on iOS but have a Hades Canyon NUC and was considering trying out before buying to see how it performs on that.

  • A video overview of the B777 on iPad.

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  • Hi guys,

    The aircraft is amazing , specially the sound pack. I know it is still in beta but I would like to report that I made a flight from KDEN to KSLC and the T/D point was too much close of destination. Just over the T/D the navigation display show me descent started 15000 ft above the descent profile. I tried the flight again using the A320 , the same navigation. The T/D was before and descent was perfect.

    Another thing I noticed is that if I use the suggested takeoff trim on the FMS , the aircraft will start rolling by itself before reach the Vr.

    Hope my feedback be helpful.

    Thank you,