Honeycomb Yoke Config

  • I have this Yoke now for a month, works fine regarding flight commands for movements of the plane but indeed the extra buttons that works fine

    in XP11 doesn't work properly in AFS2. Many command in AFS2 are 'toggle' meaning same actionbutton for on/off, in XP11 a separate command for

    on and separate for off to a certain action like the lights. If you command a lightswitch in AFS2 then the 'on' / 'off' position of the switch alternates...

    Other buttons on the yoke-handle itself to command flaps, brakes,... works well.

    I had a separate posting about the announcement of this yoke with the request to the IPACS/AFS2 staff to take contact with Honeycomb about

    comptability questions, but no action(contact) in this way is known by me to solve the buttons-struggle....

    See my initial post on this issue via follow link:

    New Flight Controls from Honeycomb

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