Aerofly RC7 : Problems with Spektrum WS1000 USB dongle

  • I'm running Aerofly RC7 under Mac OS 10.13.6 on an iMac Pro using a DX9 transmitter and a WS1000 USB dongle to input the RF signals from the DX9.

    Bug #1: All of the RC channels shown in Aerofly RC7 are offset by one compared to what is being transmitted by the DX9. So the throttle (transmitted on channel 1) shows up in Advaned Channel Setup as channel 2 and so on up to Aux 3 (transmitting on channel 8) which shows up as channel 9. Channel 1 in Aerofly RC7 is apparently not accessible.

    Possible Bug #2: Also, I need to try to make different configurations for use with the DX9 using the Advanced Channel Setup and drive the left/right ailerons on separate channels -- I also need to drive the Flaps-Left and Flaps-Right from different channels.. For example with two aileron channels, two flap channels I can implement flaperons.

    However, when I use the Aileron Sub Functions in the Advanced Channel Setup, and I select the specific channels for Left/Right Aileron and Left/Right Flaps, these control surfaces do not function on the aircraft. H ave to set the main Aileron and Flaps functions to one or the other of each pair of channels.

    How can I assign different radio channels to Aileron-L1 and Aileron R1, and Flaps-Left and Flaps-Right and also have it work on the simulated aircraft please? I am not sure what purpose the sub-functions serve if you cannot drive the ailerons/flaps from separate channels.

    Thanks in advance

    Andy Johnson-Laird

    Forensic sUAS Analyst.

    Portland, OR, USA.