Graphics resolution question

  • hi i am just wondering if the graphics and resolution look the same across all mobile devices I need to know because I am in the process of buying a new iPad and I want to make sure that it will still look just as pretty. I currently have the iPad Pro 10.5 inch and it looks beautiful will the graphics still look as good on the new iPad Air 3 2019 please let me know thanks best regards

  • Seeing that no one has responded to you here is my impression for what it is worth. I never had an Air, they were the high spec ipads before the Pros and they had better graphics in the first mobile Aerofly such as AF2 as I think it was called.

    The pros have a significantly more powerful gpu than the airs which is most important in Aerofly. ‘Admin’ in the 2020 crashing at SFO and Denver thread said that they will adjust the ipad Aerofly settings vs device specs in January but he was responding to a problem with a base model ipad so it might not affect an air or it might have a setting between a pro and a base device, I’ve no idea.

    There are three adjustable graphics settings in the android menus. The equivalent allocations are automatic for ipads, I suppose the pros would certainly get the highest graphics quality settings. With android, lower settings dump fine details at airports and in aeroplane exterior views, cockpit views are the same. The low graphics setting reflects how lacking in performance the cheaper android devices are, the cheapest ipad would be superior.

    In 2020 android the differences I noticed at SFO between high and medium graphics were more parked planes in high graphics and in medium graphics absent load pallets and ground vehicles. Dusk/dawn lighting looked the same.

    My 9.7 pro shows detail like that in the high of android. Perhaps you could have a look at SFO on an Air? The resolution of the ipads you mention is the same.

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