New Regions for Aerofly FS 2020 Mobile?

  • I guess I am not the only one asking given that there is now such a great new app and graphics if besides West Coast and Switzerland that there will be new regions? I am sure consumers would love it.

    At least will there be Swiss surrounding areas such as:

    - Munich

    - Milan

    - Nice

    - Frankfurt

    This would massively enhance the whole ability to fly around Central Europe.

    Or even better: Will there be a complete Europe Region available for mobile?

    Any indications on this? My iPad Pro has 200 GB left of storage, so plenty of room...

    Thanks and keep up the good work :thumbup:

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    One of our problems with adding more regions (especially Orbx Netherlands) to the mobile version is the storage limitations with mobile devices, vs. the PC version where hard drive storage is much easier to achieve. There are also performance limitations to consider, where for instance Orbx Netherlands has much more cultivation than any other scenery released to date. We will continue to try to push the envelope of mobile devices and possibly add more regions in the future, but I can't make any promises at this time.

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  • Hi Jeff.

    I can certainly see the storage issue being a major limiting concern.

    I think the quality of Aerofly 2020 on the iPhone is superb. But I also think the scenery streaming methodology of Infinite Flight is excellent.

    Can IPACS not find a way to do the same? Surely IF does not have a monopoly on the use of the imagery and streaming?

    While the current regions inherent in AF2020 can be the flagship. Could a streaming service be the answer for long haul?

    - Kenneth

  • You can already effecively do that on the mobile app, granted there isn't much in the way of detail to look at during cruise. You could effectivel fly Denver to NY if it was added without the need for sceneries inbetween. The cruise won't look as good as IF but the localised regions and airports would look way better!

  • But I also think the scenery streaming methodology of Infinite Flight is excellent.

    Infinite Flight resolution is pretty poor even horrible. The new X-Plane loads scenery from cloud with a good resolution but it takes time and time before starting a flight.

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  • I guess where I am going with all of this is to simply encourage IPACS to think outside the box that says, "We cannot give more scenery because the customer will have storage limitations." There are clearly other options. Maybe IPACS already looked at them and rejected them, maybe not. But if other companies use the approach, then why not IPACS? Might not be a quick implementation, but if it removes a potential blockage to development, then it is worth encouraging them to examine the options. They have such a good foundation to build upon. Why re-invent the wheel in taking it to the next level?

    - Kenneth

  • It's not our first choice. We're limited to roughly 4GB app sizes by apple from what I have learned.

    Then, if there is a limit on app size imposed by Apple, there are two possible solutions to expansion as I understand it.

    1. If optional in-app purchases do not count towards the 4GB, then add more of them ( just like Switzerland now is). Begin with what you have in your own company inventory, namely Eastern USA, to test the waters. This also allows for Donka's preference.

    2. If in-app purchases count towards the 4GB limit, then consider the streaming option, which neither adds to app size within the Apple store, nor takes up room on the customer's phone. Just because other sims use low quality images, does not necessarily mean that there are no other image providers that can strike an acceptable balance between quality and bandwidth issues.

    There is also the option to do both as you scale up the business. :)

    The best of luck with the strategic business discussions and decisions that lie ahead, when considering these choices that are open to you.

    - Kenneth

  • The size max of an iOS app is 4 GB. The running app can load and store massive data.

    An in-apps purchase can trigger a massive data download. An in-app purchase is just a kind of unlock.

    The 4 GB is not the total limit. For example AFS2020 is 6 GB with in-apps. The horrible Infinite Flight had reached 12 GB of downloads here!

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  • A Tokyo or Hawaii region would be fantastic with the recent addition of all 3 ANA A380s and the ANA 777-300ER.

    Oh yes. All Japan would make me totally crazy. Seas, oceans, mountains, islands, volcanoes, lakes in the same place. I would completely lost my mind. Please IPACS...

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    iPad Pro M1 / 11-inch / 8 Gb RAM / iPadOS 15.x up to date