Lockup Vulkan

  • Reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch yesterday and also AFS2. During my very first flight AFS2 locked up completely after 9 minutes. See attached log. Seems to be Vulkan related. I mainly post this so the devs can look into it and maybe it may help them to further optimize Vulkan support.

    I flew in the Q400 over Switzerland with the Orbx cultivation. Settings all ultra. GTX1080 with the latest driver.

    I have to add that when this happens the autosave feature of AFS2 is totally awesome! :* I simply restarted AFS2 and I could continue my flight from the exact location AFS2 locked up! :) I also finished the flight (which took only some 15 more minutes) without any further problems so the lockup may have been just a random accident.

  • With 3rd party addons it's hard to say what's going wrong, because we have absolutely no control over what those addon's do and how much memory they consume.

    The error in your tm.log file might happen if Aerofly FS exceeds the GPU memory, Vulkan is picky here. Or it could be a texture that is not square or you could be using a 3D mesh that has some issues.

  • Okay, thanks for the reply. Just finished two more flights, one again over Switzerland, taking some 20 minutes (Q400), the other, over California and landing in Orbx Palm Springs, around 45 minutes (with the addon Arrow) and both flights went perfectly fine. Must have been bad luck then. ;)