How to find bad airport?

  • Thanks Jan.

    The log file didn't turn out to be helpful so far. I removed all fscloud airports mentioned in log error messages, but the game still crashed.

    Then I just removed all airports near London coords where the crash happens and no crash. So have narrowed it down. Will narrow further when I have time.

    I see there are a lot of errors coming from 3rd party scenery in that log file. Hopefully the game is graceful, and it's more like 'error', not 'ERROR!!!' ;)

  • TomSimMuc I did exactly that, and repeated the process, but could not consistently crash to isolate the airport.

    I'm guessing the issue must be caused by a combination of airports rather than a single one or more in isolation. (I can however crash consistently with all of them present.)

    While trying to locate the coords for our terrain mesh test yesterday, I had crashes elsewhere as well, so it's unknown how many bad or conflicting airports are in the UK set.

    KJKsimmer Thanks for commenting Kenneth. It is interesting to know you've downloaded the UK set and are not experiencing this. If you wanted to try a specific reproduction test, ensure you have EG86, EGKB, EGLC, EGLD, EGLL, EGTF, EGWU around London and drop your plane via Location around London. If the sim crashes to desktop while trying to load the scene, that's what I see.

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    I see there are a lot of errors coming from 3rd party scenery in that log file.

    Yes, I noticed quite a lot of error from Florida Keys scenery and some Orbx products.

    While fixing errors from my own sceneries I noticed most errors, if not fatal, tend to cost some load time while the system is searching for stuff...

    Good luck with your investigations



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