C172 with GNS 430 / 530

  • I'm hoping that at some point we see a version of the IPACS C172 with a GNS 430 / 530.

    As far as I know, these were developed by IPACS for JustFlight, so there's a lot of work already done. I'm not sure if JustFlight did the modelling though.

    I recall Jan saying that the existing C172 is very stable and tested, and they didn't want to mess with that, but this could be offered as a separate variant?

    I recently watched another Aerofly review where the reviewer said "the cockpit doesn't look like a real C172 as it has this arcade style map screen" and I thought that it's a shame as IPACS seem to have already done a lot of work on this.

    I haven't seen it mentioned much on here, so just a +1 from me.

  • I tend to agree the C172 panel doesn't look so real due to that tv screen in front of the pax seat.

    I'd say the same for the DR400 device featuring an old frame-mounted GPS but displaying a kind of tiny moving photo map without much useful information.

    It however starts looking better when you switch it off... ;) but it would be nice if there was a GPS display instead.



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  • We plan to use our implemented GPS devices in our default aircraft at some point and with the recent update we have made another step towards this goal. We internally now have options available that would allow us to swap the panels and add one of these GPS devices.

    When this was first requested we were close to a release of an update I think, which is why we didn't want to change the 3d model of the Cessna.

    We have not yet decided when this might be added but is certainly a possibility.