What happened to Heathrow (EGLL) ILS frequencies?

  • Currently using Steam Beta channel (not certain if that is relevant).

    I noticed today that the ILS frequencies for Heathrow, except for runway 9R, are no longer present.

    Anyone else experiencing this?


    More info: ILS frequencies don't show on navigation screen (except for 09R) when Heathrow airport is selected. However when I got closer to the airport in the 777 and entered the 27R ILS frequency of 110.3 it was registering on the flight deck instrumentation.

  • We made a change some time ago to fix a bug that showed an ILS on the location dialog even when it was a localizer only approach. It seems that it may have affected more than it should have.

    Let us investigate this issue further, hopefully we find and easy fix.

    Thanks for the report. Are there any other airports where this happens? Any of the default airports?

  • Do you have a Full Heathrow Scenery (Buildings Taxiways etc) or just the Simple Runways?