Paris - Ile-de-France for AFS2 NOW AVAILABLE!

  • I suppose the prices could be similar to those of FSX or P3D which is correct for me!:)

    Hm... compared to TrueEarth I have to say NL 39,95 euro seems a bit high for such an area, specially if you consider you will need a lot more area's to make France complete. Then again, if you compare it to airport add ons... Still, I hope AFS2 prices will be a lot lower, like below 20 euro, otherwise I fear sales will be low and the future grim.

    I didn't know France VFR prices we're in this range: when I said 'if the price is right' I wasn't thinking about 39,95. That would make me reconsider my purchase plans. Specially because we do have a freeware Paris: I don't really know how much the difference in quality is worth to me.

    But hey, maybe the Paris area that costs 39,95 is a lot larger than what we will get. Let's wait until more is known. ;)

    Still great to see this being released for AFS2, of course. But with MSFS in the back of my mind...

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  • Absolutely, let's wait to see the offer!

    But for me the price is not a problem if the quality is there!

    In any case, we can only wish at France VFR a lot of success with AFS 2!:thumbup:

    And concerning MSFS, let's also wait to see the finalization.

    To date, the firm Asobo, has not yet announced a final price..;)

    Best wishes 😉


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  • Amazing news, France VFR scenaries are top notch, detailed and vast. They always have been working on photorealistic scenaries which is the backbone of aerofly, so the fit should be perfect. If you like the NL DLC you will like this one.

    Please notice that the region ( if I remember well ) includes the fontainbleau castle, the Versailles castle as well as the chantilly one, so it’s very cool for sightseeing as « jardin à la française » ( French vast geometrical gardens from the XVIIth century as very easy to stop from the sky and each of those castle has a nearby airfield )

    This is really a great news and I hope they will port the Normandy westward extension after that ( to be able to fly all the way to the coast by following the Seine river) , then Bretagne which is truly spectacular both in real life and FVFR rendition, then the rest of their France coverage. ( at the moment on FSX and P3D all the coastal regions - Bretagne and the Mediterranean are amazing - all the mountainous regions ( French alps, Pyrenees, central massif, Corsica and Voges/Alsace Jura is still missing but you can fly from Alsace to the alps through Switzerland ) and the touristic regions ( Loire vallée ), more or less half of France is covered ). So by purchasing Paris you open a nice pendora box of potential upcoming other great scenaries ( which are tried and tested, so robust )

    Another matter will be the port of the community addons ( each region has a dedicated one which regroup all the national heritage building not covered by the default scenario), but this is for latter.

    Truly a no brainer.

    Plz post it on steam so you get maximum coverage

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  • No way will I pay 39.95 EU for Paris scenery when we have a really good freeware one! Tell him he is dreaming!!

    I didn't say it would cost 39.95 euro, I only said the area for P3D costs that much and that it would be a bit much for me if the price for the AFS2 version would be the same. 'He' isn't dreaming yet. ;)

  • Un petit mot en Français pour encourager l’équipe de France VFR, j'ai toujours apprécié vos produits et cela depuis FS9 mais je ne volant maintenant plus qu'en VR j'avais renoncé à les utiliser sur P3D (trop gourmand en ressources système) , La nouvelle de votre venue dans le monde d'Aerofly FS2 est une super nouvelle pour tout les amateurs de vol en réalité virtuelle !

    A little word in French to encourage the French VFR team, I have always appreciated your products and that since FS9

    but I fly now only in VR I had given up using them on P3D (too greedy in system resources),

    The news of your arrival in the world of Aerofly FS2 is great news for all fans of flying in virtual reality!

  • Sieht echt gut aus. :thumbup::thumbup:

    Kommt es auch über Steam. :?:

    Ich würde mich auch freuen wenn sowas mal für Deutschland kommt.:!::!::!::!::)

    Eine Frage an die Entwickler,könnte man das Grün etwas kräftiger ausfallen lassen nicht so Grün/Grau ,wie bei ORBX TrueEarth Netherlands.:?: Danke;)

    Ich werde es auf jeden fall kaufen,Preiß ist mir egal.^^

    MFG Enrico

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  • The news of your arrival in the world of Aerofly FS2 is great news for all fans of flying in virtual reality!

    I think it's also great news for those who don't use VR because performance in AFS2 will be soooooo much better than in P3D! I doubt if you could run France VFR at extreme settings and still get >100 fps or even >50 fps. Around 20 fps would be more likely (based on my experience with TrueEarth).

  • Maybe reducing the shadows to only ultra would be the better way then flying with 20 fps?

    I was talking about performance in P3D! In AFS2 I get >100 everywhere with the most extreme settings. With TrueEarth in P3D I got a slide show with settings at low and medium: TE in AFS2 is >100 all the way with absolute 100% cultivation and all setting at max. So I expect France VFR to perform a LOT better in AFS2 than in P3D.

  • This is not « only a city »; this is a scenario is very similar to the New York City one with a vast coverage including the full région parisienne, tons of landmarks; dozen of airports with 3 detailed and so on.

    Understood. Though if I were you I wouldn't compare France VFR to the NY DLC because Paris clearly is in another league...! Outside of Manhattan there isn't much to see in NY apart from misplaced trees and badly colored textures. 8o I suspect the Paris scenery will be filled with precisely placed cultivation from edge to edge plus pristine textures. So beware of comparing the two. ;)

  • Hi all,

    a lot of assumptions ... it's normal, but we will try to clarify things as much as possible before the product is released :)

    here are several series of screenshots to better appreciate the highlights of the scenery. Paris is a very very dense area, but not only the city ! all the suburban areas are very dense too, with a lot of large, high and complex buildings, so the 3D procedural technology is everywhere and has to be optimized as much as possible !

    On the 1st screenshots set are some more screens of paris area again... I tried to highlight the 3D rendering of roofs and facades because it is a very important thing compared to simple flat roofs and non-conforming facades.

    On the other views I tried to show the density, the variety and the detail of the suburban areas, with many VFR markers and remarkable baiments. One of the highlights of the scene is that it is of uniform quality throughout its cover.

    On the last screenshots you can have a closer look to the Lognes - LFPL airport, that is one of the three detailed airports provided in the scenery...

  • Sold, too.

    Perhaps some able developer sees a chance to contribute (or perhaps convert) a fitting payware LFPG or LFPO.

    Kind regards, Michael

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