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    I have to correct my statement. We haven't yet sent it to the mobile app stores yet, we're currently testing the app in more depth. We found minor bugs during the testing that we are currently fixing before we send if off to you guys and girls. So even though this means you'll have to wait a couple more days it will be a higher quality update.

    One thing that we're currently improving is the interaction with the throttle slider. With this upcoming update the throttle slider should leave the automatically extended spoilers unchanged and also the autobrake is kept active for a long time during the landing. This way you can hold down the slider just slightly for idle reverse and keep all the automated features active. If you don't arm the spoilers before landing or if you don't set the autobrake the slider should behave just like before, extending spoilers manually, manual braking and reverse thrust at high speeds.

    The slider should also give better visual feedback with this upcoming update whenever the copilot is active or when the autothrottle is working. E.g. in the Airbus A320 the slider will turn green when you reduce the thrust lever position to the climb detent and the autothrottle activates.

    Please keep checking our blog section for any news.

  • Thank You som much!

    Finally we can expect some realistic rollouts! (While you’re working on the UI, can we hope for a trim switch 8o:saint:)

  • Thank you so much. Take your time, as simmers having patience is the least we can do for the community. We really appreciate the efforts the entire team puts into Aerofly for all 3 platforms...be it pc or iOS or Android

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    Leider habe ich keine Antwort bekommen:

    Wann werden Sie den Beta-Download für den PC-Benutzer (kein Steam) veröffentlichen?

    Die nicht-Steam Kunden bekommen generell nur die Release Versionen. Wir schicken immer zuerst die Steam-Beta raus und solange wir kein negatives Feedback innerhalb von ein paar Tagen erhalten gibt es das Update für alle anderen. Mehr als diese eine Beta bedeutet für uns nur extremen Mehraufwand mit wenig Nutzen. D.h. alle Kunden, die nicht in der Steam-Beta sind bekommen relativ zeitnah, sofern es möglich ist, das fertige und getestete Update.

  • Since the app update hasn’t yet dropped could I please flag one more possible bug. Using the MCDU at KSLC is having the same issue (on the A320) as at Denver, ie I can’t select different runways to program the navigation from within the cockpit. I can do it on the main nav map but not the cockpit (as I can on airports that were covered by Aerofly 2019). Thanks.