• Hi everyone - I play Aerofly FS 2020 on my iPad Pro but am shortly going to invest in a new computer and wanted to get advice on specs for being able to play FS2. I need to get a laptop (space and portability requirements) which knocks out anything like X-Plane etc so I’m focused on FS2, also seeing how great the growing community is. So any advice on ideal specs to play it on a Windows laptop would be welcome! Thank you.

  • Have a look at MSI gaming laptops, they now have RTX2080 GPU's and use i9 CPU's. The GT Titan or Stealth series are your best but if you go with Stealth make sure you don't get the low power 2080m GPU by accident. It's much slower.

    With a RTX2080, even in a laptop, you can run Aerofly with max graphics settings, and even 'Insane' shadows with FPS still in the 150 range.

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