All Aerofly needs to be the best

  • Literally all Aerofly 2020 mobile needs left is global. It is so stunning. I sometimes feel like Aerosoft made this flight sim. The only thing I’m kinda upset about is that they didn’t add the Jetblue A320😂, but that’s ok can’t get everything you ask for right away ;)

  • Literally all Aerofly 2020 mobile needs left is global.

    They already have mobile on Aerofly Fs2 on PC (I think) The graphics are just so good that it would take up a ton of space. Other Mobile flight simulators that have mobile do not have the best quality.

    Also this could be possible where when you get the game you only have California available but do something similar to XP-11 (Found this out since I know somebody who has XP-11) where you get the game and download the scenery you want to have just to save space. You would just download it in packs like for example (U.S as a download / Europe.)

    That would be a good solution to the mobile version having global. If so I think they should raise the price of the game too or just make some regions cost money like Switzerland. Just as long as they are cheap like Switzerland is. This game has such amazing potential, but this is not ready for mobile because of all the work they need to do.

  • If they are more regions available in AFS2020. This will require a region manager (deleting, adding, restoring, etc.).

    And yes, yes , yes, AFS2020 is the best of the best from far.

    With XPlane Global you can download your desired flight but it takes a lot and a lot a lot of time and the planes are poor.

    Infinite Flight, they are hiding behind devices limitations not to make clouds, 3D buildings, airport lights (all of us here knows it's totally false). They shut your mouth off very rapidly on their forum. They are also completely lost at adding new planes but they should take care of the existing ones. And the definition is 100% low resolution. And the physics is not that good as it is at first look. I don't talk about the luxurious price that is robbed for it.

    RFS is cartoon-like but it is a all-in-one.

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