For Michael (IZOJUB)

  • Hi (Michael (IZOJUB

    In mid-August 2019 I asked if you would like to geoconvert (with AeroScenery), a small area in the N.W. from Spain. You had answered me immediately, that with great pleasure you were going to do it. A few days later, you told me you were tired, that you were going to take a vacation, and maybe next year (2.020) you would.

    I was disconnected from the Forum so far. I just returned and I found the surprise that you had used your "Holidays" and your rest, to geoconvert an important area of the United Kingdom. Anyway, I can only say, I was surprised by your high activity "geoconverter" during those holidays.

    I would ask you again: could you please geocenvert that region of N.W. from Spain?

    Kind regards: Delfin