• Larry, do you know anyone flying your Lynx 7 with a Saitek X52 Pro Flight stick and single throttle (w/ Combat Pedals)? I have a dual throttle setup but it is not on my favorite setup.

  • Wow. I can't imagine how the IPACS landscape would be affected by the influx of 4 real helicopters. Of course, I am hanging on for the Tilt Rotor. A Chinook and a Super Stallion will certainly change the landscape. The MD 902 might end up being the most popular of the bunch.

    Ray, I use a Saitek X52, single throttle and no pedals, just use the joystick rotation. don't understand your bit on favourite settings, unless I'm using my joystick all wrong

    I have two separate setups for flight sims. My favorite or normal one is this one with the X52 and the single curved screen. The other is the cockpit with the racing chair and 3 screens. That one has the dual throttle setup. I don't use it very often as the FIPs are not supported by IPACS.

  • WOO-HOO!!! Very excited to check it out! First take-off at Lukla!

    Flying A330 as a day-job and enjoy VR-flying with PIMAX 5k+. NextLevelRacing v.3 Motion platform, Watercooled and overclocked i9-9900k, 32Gb 3600RAM, Samsung 970EVO Pro 2Tb m.2, nVidia RTX-2080Ti FE, Thrustmaster HOTAS, VKB pedals, Cockpitforyou motorised throttle quadrant, Precision Flight Controls Jetliner column

  • larrylynx

    Thank you for your wonderful work here! I have made a release posting announcement over on our Steam page to show our appreciation of what you have achieved here; a payware quality helicopter in our opinion!

    IPACS Development Team Member

    I'm just a cook, I don't own the restaurant.
    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.



  • Steve,

    I want to thankyou for hanging in there and producing such an amazing model for aerofly.

    I fly r22/44 as a private pilot and to be able to experience this wonderful Lynx has made my year.

    I have about 10 hours in it now and while it took me 20 minutes to get the start up sequence sorted which was purely related to fine tuning the VR interface I can now pretty much get it up and running from cold and dark in 2 minutes. Making us use cold and dark envelopes you in the simulation as I found myself so immersed I started reaching for PCL's !

    The flight model is very finely simulated as once you have an hour behind the controls the flight model is predictable and constant in what you need to do to fly the aircraft.

    I have been having heaps of fun doing quickstops and I have flown r22/44 I can't comment on what a Lynx is like to fly but your model certainly fly's like a real helicopter and what I imagine a Lynx to fly like.

    I was told that if you can fly a squirrelly little r22 in a 20 knot x wind you can fly any helicopter and I find your model to be a pleasure to control and fly because the flight model is so predictable and constant. I thought the AFs2 R22 was a great simulation but your Lynx is far superior in almost every aspect.

    I can find no fault with this, there is nothing that needs to be changed after 10 hours of flying and suddenly I am flying out of Lukla.

    The developers should add ask to add your helicopter to the standard install as it is superior to any helicopter on any simulator by such a big margin that this is a go to flight sim for us rotary heads and in my opinion for flight dynamics and system simulations you just knocked out the DCS huey which until now was the gold standard.

    I look forward to the day when we can have inscreen checklists in VR as that is the only way to improve this model but in the meantime I spent 2 hours learning the startup flow by drawing a mind picture and workflow of your startup to memorise the start up sequence a locations and all the other procedures.

    Well done and to anyone trying to fly this work your way up from the r22 and have proper flight controls as both the r22 and the Lynx demand hardware perfection . I use the proflight trainer and it works like a real set of controls ! https://pro-flight-trainer-com.myshopify.com/

    Steve's Lynx deserves a good set of hardware.

    What we need now is the Falklands and the battle group to fly around!

    Thanks Steve, bloody awesome job mate !

  • I'm finding flight into terrain unpredictable...

    A couple of times I've crashed into a mountain, but instead of crashing, merely sunk hundreds of feet underground, then flew my way back up and out.

    A couple of times now, I've prepared for what I thought was a very soft landing on flat ground, quite proud of myself, only to have the aircraft reset as soon as the skids touched the ground.

    I'm guessing this is an FS2 thing rather than the chopper being more or less gracefully about intersecting the terrain?

  • I'm starting to blush but thanks to all for your kind comments.

    Lets not forget the team I had behind me, IPACs for a sim where an average user can create something like the Lynx and Master Obi Jan (Jetpack) for his guidance, that guy must have the patience of a saint :saint:

  • Been waiting in anticipation for this and Wow just wow , it Looks friggin Awesome, the cockpit and attention to detail is just breathtaking.

    can't wait to get this masterpiece into the air.

    Thank you Steve.

    The worst day of flying still beats the best day of real work.

  • larrylynx

    Many thanks for your excellent work here. My simpit has been waiting a long time for the moment a high fidelity Lynx model was available. I never thought it would be FS2 but I'm glad it is!

    One question about the collective if I may; There is a thumb-button marked 'COL.REL.' I have taken it that the collective position is electrically locked until the thumb button is pressed. I have made mine work this way with an electrical solenoid.

    I hope to get this installed now and straight to RTFM.



    Edit: Now I'm RTFM is see that it is the release for the BAR ALT. There is a redundant switch in there so I'll probably wire it through the interface so that I can map it.

    I was hoping to use the idle detent in my Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle for the idle detent on the Lynx but unfortunately the analogue range stops before the detent. The detent position actually activates two digital buttons.

  • Hi Nexus

    When in Bar Alt the collective moves up and down slightly to keep the required altitude, this is done by the AFCS computer system.

    Col Rel button on the collective deselects the Bar Alt system. Its engaged via the AFCS box but disabled on the collective. I Note you have a real Lynx collective so I would suggest you assign this button to the Bar Alt button as per my manual. It will then both engage and disengage via that button. If you can get at any other buttons, ie if you have a cyclic, then assign one to Heading Hold. This is not accurate as per a real Lynx as it has switches mounted in the pedals. Feet off heading hold selected, feet on heading hold deselected. Pressing the Col Rel button does not disengage any of the AFCS lanes it just cuts out Bar Alt. The AFCS cutout on the Cyclic basically removes all the lanes and is used in an emergency, something like a servo runaway for example. Lynx can be flown without the AFCS it's just like stirring porridge and very wobbly.

    You can also disengage any of the AFCS system lanes by deselecting the relevant buttons on the AFCS controller box, would need both lanes to be deselected to loose that AFCS function. ie both pitch or both yaw etc. Coll Lanes are never normally deselected in flight. Instructors used to deselect lanes or both lanes just for fun

    Throttle detents are set by me in the TMQ file, there is no information on the new engine system employed by IPACS so it was a lot of guess work and lots of trial and error. The detent is set quite low to enable all the other stuff to happen with regard to engine speed and the pain in the butt starting sequence. I would have liked it to be further away from cutoff but I just couldn't make everything work as it needed to.


  • Took her for a spin around San Francisco, and she does fly very nice! I'm well impressed, awesome job.

    The levers are a bit difficult to manipulate with the mouse in VR, can they be assigned key bindings?

    The worst day of flying still beats the best day of real work.

  • Camera views:

    I think it would be a good idea to have a "center" view in addition to the Pilots seat and CoPilots Seat views. This to so the throttle quadrant and switch panels are better centered and don't look skewed from the stretched view from either side.

    I remembered the new B777 has a "jumpseat view" for a wide view of the center of the glareshield so I was going to copy that code over to the Lynx7. I didn't get very far because I couldn't find the lynx7 tmd file with the camera coding.

    Can someone that knows how to navigate these files add a Center View for the Lynx7? I sure would appreciate it.

  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the prompt and detailed reply. The COL. REL. button makes perfect sense now thankyou. I will indeed bind it to the Bar Alt function. I will bind the rocker switch to the heading hold, since it has no function. I really hoped that you would tell me what the rocker is for, but if you don't know than I guess no-one will!

    Thanks again for producing this module. I would guess that there have been many frustrations on the way but you have produced something very special.



    Oh, and +1 with the 'throttle' lever mapping, though I would guess that this is a restriction with FS2.