Some fixes for a future update please.

  • 737 RMI selectors. Only the right seat left knob has the correct sense. The other three work backwards.

    Baron. The descent with gear and full flaps needs 23” of manifold and 13 US gal/hr with the blue and red levers forward to maintain 100 knots at minus 500 fpm. It used to be a more credible 15”. I don’t know the exact correct setting.

    Buchanan Airport California. The Localiser type Directional Aid ICCR on 108.5 MHz and 185 degrees lacks its DME.

    Telluride Airport Colorado. The localiser ITEX on 109.3 MHz and 093 degrees magnetic flies in FS2 at about 073 degrees magnetic, that is as if the local ten degrees easterly magnetic variation has been subtracted three times.

    Thanks for all the hard work improving this excellent sim.

  • did you said "Update"? Hmm...