Brunner yoke and FS2

  • I have the same restrictions with my Honeycomb yoke. Driver-software only for FSX/P3D and for XP11.

    At the moment this yoke was announced, I made a posting about and the request to IPACS-Staff to take contact

    with supplier for arranging also driver-plugin for AFS2 next to the other regular flightsims, but no reaction to my request... :(

    Real name: Johnny

    PC-Specs: i7-3930K - 32GB RAM - GTX1070ti 8GB - 2TB SSD + 1TB SSD + 2x3TB HDD

    Laptop Specs: i7-9750H - 32GB RAM - RTX2070 max-Q 8GB - 2x 1TB NVMe SSD + 2TB SSD

  • I think in both questions, the best will be to ask brunner and honeycomb ...

    because THEY want to sell her things, and when many people ask if its run in FS2 ,

    then will buy ...they should be will very quick :)

  • Thats more than sad :( :(

    So when Ipacs also not plan (in the near future) a working interface again ...... for 2 ... 3.. x.. DOF cockpit hardware ,

    I have spend more than 1000 Euro and much much work .... for nothing ... ?!?!

    The only way is to install the other simulators :( :( ( what i dont want )

    Please Ipacs ... tell us that this is not the truth