Need help in settings for FS 2

  • Hi Community,

    I'm a total newcomer to the game. Has anybody a suggestion for a reasonable general setting. A good setting for autopilot would be fine also and appreciated. Since the manual looks more like a joke to me it would be nice to attach pictures. I intend to fly the learjet, so that's why I also need help for setting of the autopilot. By the way my joystick is a thrustmaster.

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  • I will tell you that the manuals, tutorial, and flight characteristics of the AFS2 Learjet45 is NOT a joke. Spend some time learning to the fly it. You can use the real world flight manual as a guide (not provided). Some good internet searches should find a free download.

    The autopilot and profiles work as outlined in the manual. The FLC features works far better than any that I found in the other legacy flight sim models. (read Carenado).

    Use the provided wiki Learjet 45 tutorials and fly the sample flights in both directions then make up a few longer and higher flight level flights to extend the fun.

    The primary limitation is the Learjet 45 does not perform properly in the 40s flight levels due to the need of an engine update, but will provide many hours of flight time in the 30s.

    There has been a constant series of improvements and updates and we can expect that to continue. A functioning fuel system is being worked on and should be next. Maybe high altitude engines will follow.

    Enjoy, but please choose your words wisely. 😏

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  • Hi pilots,

    well I started to make it easy with a Cessna. Then I made a flight plan according to the tutorial.

    Then I tried to program the autopilot as follows:

    1. I switched it on

    2. Then I set ALT to 6000 ft

    3. The I set it on NAV

    Then I switched it off and started, after I was airborne I switched autopilot on

    But it flew arbitrary somewhere. What did I wrong. Maybe I programmed autopilot in a wrong matter.


  • Hi jetjockey 10,

    I have worked through the above manual. Everything works fine but, when it comes to flying the learjet won't follow the set route.

    I set up everything like the example flight. Maybe just one switch may set wrong . I don't know what to do.