Treasurehunt extension and a mystical clue...

  • Oooooook….. - Because the treasurehunt is just so exciting, i extended the time and give a strong hint.

    Hear the omen from the mysterious Schnuffelduffel:

    Because this is a strong hint, the last time limit is the 15. March 2020.

    And now pilots: GO GO GO!!! …..aaaaaaaaa : FLY FLY FLY!!! 8o

    Your Schnuffelduffel. :)

    Donation for "Bella Italia", other projekts and the treasurehunt ( Newbies, please read the rules ) via PayPal to:

    3,9 Ghz, RTX 2080 Ti, 32 GB RAM, Oculus Rift CV1, PIMAX 8K X, RotoVR, HOTAS and Flight Rudder Pedals, Win10, 3ds max