Things that should be fixed

  • 1.b777-300er gear

    Fix the gear height it should be lower !

    Fix the gear cover shape on main gear and nose should shake it!

    2.b777-300er cargo door should be only on the right side

    3.b777-300er nose doesn’t has a straight line in the should take it out !

    Finally I have a photo of b777-300 from IF

    They make the gear more realistic than should learn how to make it like them. Actually there are a lot of things to fix in the game.This is all for you to make the game better

    I really hope to see it in the next update soon !

    Sorry for my English !

  • Please do not compare aircraft details from one flight sim to another flight sim. We have seen many many mistakes even very expensive add-on products for other flight sims. True results only come from comparing the reality with one flight sim at a time.

    The picture of the landing gear has a grass surface. No wonder it's lower.

    Please explain your third point with a picture as I don't understand which line you mean. Thanks.

  • The gear compression obviously depends on the weight of the aircraft. Once you're able to adjust the payload you can get the gear compression to be much lower. At this time I don't see a point in adjusting "how low it rides" since we don't know the exact weight of the aircraft on the picture.

    Changing the angle of the nose gear doors is probably a very easy fix.

    The lines on the nose cone are for increasing the stiffness of the glass-fiber material I think. We should be able to add these relatively easily.

  • Now I'm very confused. Please write longer sentences so that I can understand what you mean.

    When I talk about a photo I mean a real world picture of the aircraft.

    If we're talking about a simulator aircraft then the technical term is "screenshot".

    So the statement "took a photo" and applying reverse thrust at the same time means you would be sitting in the real world cockpit and then jump out to take the photo. I don't think that is quite possible so I'm assuming you mean screenshot.

    But if we're talking about a screenshot then it is not possible that you are at maximum takeoff weight. Because our B777 in Aerofly is far from maximum takeoff weight. Maximum takeoff mass of the real aircraft is 351 metric tons. And our B777 in Aerofly is only weights as much as 253 metric tons. And as I said, yes, you can't change this mass yet. And therefor the landing gear is not nearly as much compressed as it would be at higher weight and you can't compare the photo and the screenshot unless you know the mass of the aircraft in the photo.

    And I also don't understand how applying reverse thrust should change the mass of the aircraft?!

    What straight line do you mean then?

    Do you mean the black ring that goes around the nose, where the radome attaches to the fuselage?

    And what other aircraft do you mean?