HTC Vive to Rift S (My Experience)

  • This is mainly a post to anyone who like me was "thinking" of making the same change but was unsure.

    I have only ever had the HTC vive and always thought it was great (even in FS2) but just accepted such things like the numbers on the gauges being blurry and difficult to read or having to move my head around to find the real sweet spot to read those gauges.

    However, I started comparing other headsets taking into account spec / costs and whilst the Rift S on paper states only a slight resolution increase in terms of pixels, its actually something like 40% higher resolution than the Vive. Anyway, I nearly bought one new seeing as they were only £399 in shops but managed to pick a used one up cheaper and ... wow!

    For me, it is significantly better, I actually cant believe how much clearer the numbers and gauges are. I mostly fly gliders and its actually the first time I have pressed buttons and gone through different pages of the display because I can actually read everything now. No longer leaning forward and best of all the sweet spot is SO much bigger for me, I can now keep my head still and move my eyes around and read everything. On top of that, the halo head band is much more comfortable, no trackers required and is a lot lighter.

    If anything the ONLY downside (but is completely irrelevant in terms of immersion because of all the above) is that the FOV feels slightly less.

    So if anyone else has a Vive, loves it but wants better, I recommend the Rift S (especially for the price)

    NOTE: I do not work for Oculus or promote them for any gain, this is just a personal review.