Just Flight C152 - GNS430 CDI not moving?

  • I know that this question technically belongs into a Just Flight support forum, but before I post it there I just wanted to ask if anyone else is having this problem or if I'm doing something wrong.

    When I create a flight plan on the navigation page, it is transferred to the GNS correctly. But when I do the flight, the CDI does not move at all even if I'm way off the programmed flight path. Even when switching from GPS to VLOC and back doesn't move the CDI. Am I missing something here?

    Thanks, Fabian

  • This does belong here since we programmed that GPS device into the core sim.

    The route is never transfered to the device, the device accesses the same flight plan as the navigation menu and therefore it is always the exact same. At least how it is implemented at the moment.

    Where do you fly and how did you setup the route? Could you please send us screenshots of the route in the GPS as well as the CDI in relation to the map page or something? Thanks

  • Hi Jan,

    Just to let you know, the problem I described above turned out to be non-existent, I obviously just expected the CDI needle to be more sensitive than it actually is. When I strayed off the programmed flight path some more the CDI started moving as expected. What I have yet to try is if it also works with the CDI set to VLOC and the NAV radio turned to a nearby VOR frequency.

    Thanks and best regards,