Can charts be imported ?

  • At the moment this is not possible. We're still looking into ways of integrating a pdf reader into our software but we don't fancy using an external library that is five times the size of our current Aerofly FS executable. We want a minimalist solution here that we can use to just display everything without bloating up our engine. It should run on all devices (iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows) too!



  • I still think you could grow this from something basic. Allow text first, then bmp and we can convert the pdf to bmp externally ... then pdf when you can. Personally i want some scribbled notes before a full chart. make that notepad that justflight added into a standard thing and give us a way to write some custom text on it please.

  • I had one of these apps running for EFB once, but clunky is still mildly said. I finally got rid of the whole caboodle as it removes the ease of use which AeroflyFS2 can be proud of otherwise.

    There may be more important items like moving water, weather, and such those days, but we need a properly integrated solution afterwards.

    Kind regards, Michael

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