Virus lockdown not mobile. Stir Crazy.

  • We're affected by the SARS-CoV-2 spread, too. That means home office for the most part. Luckily this is not slowing us down by much since we can just continue work on our computers. But don't expect magic to occur just because we're working from home.

    From what I've heard from the experts it's totally safe to go outside with family or people that you're living with anyways. Just avoid any close contact with other people for extended amounts of time (>15 or 30 seconds) which would enable the virus to spread easily. Experts recommend 2m (6ft) separation distance but I'd add a personal minimum of >2min before entering the same room after they left, if possible. It's important to stay fit and go outside for a run, enjoy the sunlight to brighten the mood. It will probably strengthen your immune system and the risk of infection is very small. Probably much safer to ride a bike to where ever you're going than taking a bus or other public transport.

    And please leave the face masks for the people that are in close contact with patients. It would be a disaster if everyone had a bunch of masks at home but the hospitals ran out. Then there wouldn't be any doctors or nurses left to cure the infected.

    Stay healthy :)