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  • I don’t have much idea on how to use the FMC in the airliners. I’m slowly learning how to use it from the wiki. So, I wanted to know how much the FMC is completed? From 1 - 100%, where is it currently?

    Is the FMC one of the priorities on the list of to-do’s?

    -Thank you and Stay safe.

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    It's hard to put a percentage on that. Even the real world (M)CDUs are still being expanded and not every aircraft out there has all the features installed. That means an older aircraft that is flying around today may only have 40% of the FMC features of a newer aircraft. Nowadays you can write text messages to ATC with these devices, get weather briefings, contact the company, send maintenance reports and much more.

    So I could just pick any number really :D

    How much is working? You can create a basic flight plan from one airport to another, select runway for departure and arrival, add new waypoints/VORs, set performance figures like the v-speeds, acceleration and thrust reduction altitudes, etc. in most of our FMCs. We plan to expand the functionality over time, e.g. to select full approaches and departures, airways, etc which is not yet possible.

    Our goal is to enable experienced users to create flight plans and go through all of the typical preflight setup and maybe also add a bit of the "fun stuff" like that ATC messaging, weather requests, etc. At the same time we want to enable all these features from the menu for all users that don't want to use the rather complicated FMC.

    Other and much bigger features have priority at the moment though.

  • That’s a lot of good stuff to hear. Seems like the FMC will be lot more fun to use when it’s overhauled.

    Still wonder what the bigger features will be, so can’t wait to use them when they’re released. Thanks for the response.