Controllers and what you use?

  • Looking for input on what others use for controlling AF2 and other flight sims?

    I've just built a new PC and considering getting something more dedicated for flight control instead of the xbox one controller which I'm currently using - and to be fair works quite well.

    Looking for something relatively sim and aircraft agnostic and not spend over the odds.

    I keep coming back to the Thrustmaster T.16000m FCS Hotas combination - anyone using this?

    I don't get a huge amount of time to sim so not looking to spend a fortune on high end equipment and I like flying a mix of airliners and GA.

  • really XBOX ctroller ? ? omg =O8)

    My minimum will be a really good Joystick ... and rudder and ... collective ...

    thats my "ranking" ... then came good sound from the right directions, and vibrations / bumbs to the seat .. (very cheap makeable)

    then DOF acitive .. (but very expensive / workful )

    But i will never think .... only a second .... to fly without a (if you want cheap) joystick ... NEVER :)

    What I use .... click my signature

  • really XBOX ctroller ? ? omg =O8)

    Time basically dictates how much I will spend on this although looking to purchase soon as we are going through a lock down at this time.

    The Xbox controller is surprising effective 8) - twin analog joysticks allowing both basic aircraft control and controlling point of view - it's a very casual and relaxed way of flying. The dpad works well for controlling thrust and flaps and the shoulder buttons are great for controlling camera views and rudder. Facia buttons take care of the remaining basics such as landing gear, parking brake etc. although I see the benefit in a proper set up allowing more nuanced control and even more control points which is why I am looking to purchase.

  • I think if you're willing to purchase Thrustmaster T.16000m FCS Hotas combination then that would be a great investment. I'm currently using a way cheaper version of that and I am completely satisfied, especially with heli flying. I would love to have a honeycomb yoke to experience, but that's a different story.

  • :) EVERY 3 bucks ... Joystick is better than an x-box controller :) :)

    But I understand ... I couldnt pay everything here in one step what i use ..

    begins with a simply Joystick ... 10 bucks ...

    Then I save a little bit money ..and buy one piece after another ...

  • Have any of you got reliable, adjustable sensitivity-curve output from your joystick/control column? I’d like the initial joystick movement to give a very low control input to simulate shielded control horns, asymmetric bell cranks and tuned artificial feel. My ancient joystick had software for an old version of windows that does not work any more.