• It can be corrected though, this is not a limitation of the sim. I had a version of the lynx where I had manually made it "non-cold and dark".

    If you need help with this just ask. From what you told me in the past you didn't want the helicopter to be ready for takeoff right away.

    On my VR helicockpit there is no mouse and no controllers. On some Joystick buttons i assigned some important functions and this works fine for flying the R22. But absolutely no chance to run up the LYNX. So i would like to have a "hot and bright" LYNX, ready for departure. Is this possible with a modified main.mcf or are a lot of modified files necessary?

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  • Do you have to reset in that case?

    Yes, I have reset in this case. But I have to leave the sim, go to the menu and start over. It would be better if I land, switch off the LYNX, press any button and refuel, and can then start again without having to leave the Sim.

  • Fuel burn..there is zero and I mean zero documented information regarding the engines in FS2, it's all trial and error and then even more trial and error, and did I mention, trial and error.

    The fact that the Lynx is one of the few machines in FS2 that actually uses fuel is a bonus not a problem, so plan your trip so as not to run out.

    Yes you have to reset when you run out of fuel and until this is changed within FS2 it will always be that way. FS2 does not have re-fuel capabilities at this time, nor a landing light but that's another issue.

    Rotors running start. Nope it's not what I want and will not happen, I don't ever recall climbing into a Lynx half way through a flight. I do not have the expertise to make this happen, I tried, if Jetpack knows how then he is free to make the changes.

    To be honest all this constant criticism is making me even more determined to move on to other things. Perhaps it might be more constructive to get your own backsides into gear and produce an aircraft yourself. When you have mastered that then try to do a helicopter. Guys it's a FREE add on, if you don't like it then delete it. You were warned in the manual and in many of my posts its a serious machine and as accurate as possible.

  • Yes you have to reset when you run out of fuel and until this is changed within FS2 it will always be that way. FS2 does not have re-fuel capabilities at this time, nor a landing light but that's another issue.

    You could always create a near infinite fuel tank and connect it to the rest of the fuel system via a refuel pump or valve.

    But this no final solution. For that reason the default aircraft will not actually cut their engines once they run out of fuel. This is only going to be changed once you can properly refuel and/or select the option for having "infinite fuel".

  • Hi Steve,

    I just love your Lynx MK7. I am using it every day. The fact that it Burns fuel is a bonus. Love watching the tanks go down. I actually ran it out of fuel the other day just to see what would happen. I was hoping that if the engines stopped I might still be able to get it on the ground. However, crashed and burned.

    Anyway, I am wondering if I could get some advice or help with two issues. I am using Oculus Rift Touch. I am able to start, take off, land with no real problems. However, there are two things that I am not able to do. First, I am not able to take hold of the Cyclic control with my virtual hand. I seem to be able to have some control over pitch but cannot get any movement to roll. I have to use the thumbstick on my right hand controller as if it is a joystick. Am I doing something wrong or will I just have to get used to using the thumbstick?

    Using the thumb stick comes with its own issue as I am not able to set trims. My hands and fingers do not seen able to make virtual contact with the switches .. 2 back 2 right. Because of this the lynx wants to roll a little to the left. This also means I have to keep pressure on the thumbstick (joystick) right and forward a little while flying. Makes for a flight that is less that perfect and more difficult to control the aircraft than needs to be. Tougher on the landings for sure. Any advice you might have would be much appreciated.

    Clear Skies

  • Hi Spaceboy

    Although I too have the Rift I don't have virtual handy pandy's so unable to test this way of flying.

    You can trim the Lynx using the 2 trim wheels on the AFCS box, roll and pitch. You can check the positions of the trim using the AFCS display. It will of course keep this level of trim through all phases of flight, so what may help in forward flight will still be there in the hover so you will need to offset that with your controllers. It's like off setting the trim range to a new center point.

    Best I can suggest so hope it helps. I'm glad you brought this to my attention as the CH53E doesn't appear to have a similar system so it is something I may need to investigate when the time comes. Perhaps add a new panel to the already over crowded panels...:/


  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for getting back to me, I know you are busy. Being able to take hold the yoke or stick in an aircraft is great. Best way of doing it bar none. If in the future you are able to get this working there are many who will be grateful. That being said, I love flying your creation even if by thumbstick.

    I get the two wheel trim adjustment but my virtual hands or … finger, simply don't pick up the wheel. There is no contact. With virtual hands there is a feeling of contact in the controller when you flip a switch or turn a dial. Nothing happens when attempting to move the wheel trims. Hopefully in the future you can figure it out. In the mean time, I am content.

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