Global and Multiplayer

  • Related question but a bit different. Since there is HD scenery up in Washington and in the West, does that mean those will be the new regions? Like Seattle and Phoenix Sky Harbor?

    This happened in FS 2019, the Denver side had HD scenery and we the Int’l airport.

    At least a clue to what the next region is because more airports would be amazing.

    -Thank you and Stay Safe

  • These are things we certainly would like to add but we can't yet give an estimate on when this will happen. There is a lot of demand for this which is why they also get very high priority on our side.

    As long as they’re highly prioritized. It’s good news that you guys have this planned for the future.

    Just keep adding regions slowly, it’s amazing.

  • Dear Jet-Pack and fellow aviators,

    COVID-19 is probably giving each of us much more time to explore the FS 2020 mobile world. And here I link to the Global question above.

    Today I realised that the FS 2020 mobile world is fully populated with fixes, VORs, ILSs, ADFs... essentially everything for IFR flight, EXCEPT the landing strips!!!

    Actually even the scenery is pretty good from above 5000ft, with faithful mountains and shading/textures.

    Infact, I performed 2 ILS landings at Munich and Frankfurt faithfully following the Jeppesen charts.... but with no runways the landing was a bit bumpy...

    My final into Munich airport is shown below.

    My question to the IPACS team is simple. You effectively have a GLOBAL navaid database in place for the mobile app (and I assume for the PC/MAC software), so why not populate all the runways with simple runway blocks and edge lighting systems??

    I am not saying populate airports, taxiways, complex features, etc. this will arrive with time. I am simply saying to dump all the runways into the database, so that those of us who want to travel beyond California/Nevada/Colorado can explore real IFR navigation to the other parts of the World.

    Hell, if I knew how to do it, I would sit myself and enter block runways into the database.

    Imagine being able to choose to fly Sydney to Singapore and finding the right runways on take off and on landing, as you come out of the cloud at 2000ft...

    So much potential...

    Best Regards, Stephen

  • This wouldn’t be ideal. If they implement your idea the games global airports will look like RFS airports. I think they’re best of doing their best work in a region with the city and the airports and then release it.