Auto trim

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    The autotrim on mobile sends trim signals to the aircraft if you keep holding up elevator or down elevator. This reduces the need to keep holding the device tilted and makes it easier to control the aircraft. It's very helpful for aircraft with a wide speed spectrum where you need a lot of trim. Of course the fly by wire aircraft (A320, A380, F18,...) already do this on their own just like in the real world.

    The B777 does use autotrim but not directly. You trim it to a certain airspeed and if you then pull pull up and get slower you will need to hold back elevator.

    If you turn the option off you will have to look down during the flight and either trim with the yoke switch or by manipulating the trim wheel.

    If you fly on copilot or on autopilot the trim is also done automatically for you.

  • Please consider adding a two way trim switch on the UI, it is really an essential control in fast jets and being able to operate it properly (the trim is very hard to use with the fingers, especially if it’s a switch and not a wheel) would make the experience much nicer.

    Thanks !

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    We don't want to clutter the user interface with all inputs you would ever need... there are too many buttons in the virtual cockpit, we can't put all of them on the UI. The autotrim option is there to remove the need for any UI pitch trim buttons.

    Not everyone uses a tablet. Users with small screens don't have that much space.

  • I understand your position, I think having such a simple UI with complex aircrafts is really pleasing. I understand you cannot map every switch in the cockpit to a UI switch, and it’s not required at all since we don’t have to constantly interact with them. However I believe that the trim in particular would make a lot of sense. Maybe make it optional depending on the option for auto trim selected by the user for those with little space?

    It’s just that IRL you have a nice little switch right under your thumb that you can use, while scanning and operating all the other essential controls.

    Auto trim kinda feels like cheating and gives you less feed-back about what’s happening, for example if you have to keep a nose down input you know you are fast, etc