Missing navdata: No LOC frequency KTEX RWY09

  • Hi guys,

    did a flight today to Telluride Airport (KTEX).

    I discovered there was no frequency available for the LOC09 in Aerofly FS.

    Should be 109.30Mhz according to skyvector.

    Best Regards,


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  • General question to this topic and some basic ideas:

    Would it be possible to add a special xml file like the existing ones for cultivation, mesh, etc

    and place these in special new subfolders or a fitting scenery folder to 'extend' missing data

    when reaching a special region.

    Then users could add different navaids to their favorite airports.

    Or, a second thought, could theese user extensions be added/imported to one aerofly file

    to extend the old databases, so let the users do the work for updating/extending your old

    databases. ;)

    Or like fscloudports, use an online database to collect theese data and export

    a global 'extension' file to the navigation database. I think when the navigation data is

    filled manually from official sources, there is no copyright problem with this collection.

    Or ... someone has a much better idea.

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